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18 October 2018

Guru of Finance. The 2-2-2 promotion! Day two.

Promotion is over.
Good news for those who managed to make a Deposit yesterday.
We have already accrued 2% bonus on deposits, and they are already available for further actions in personal accounts. Congratulations to all the lucky ones!

17 October 2018

Guru of Finance. The 2-2-2 promotion!Day one.

Good news for those who managed to make a Deposit yesterday.
We have already accrued 2% bonus on deposits, and they are already available for further actions in personal accounts. Congratulations to all the lucky ones!
Well, who did not, you still have time until 23: 59 London time.

15 October 2018

Guru of Finance. The 2-2-2 promotion!

We announced earlier that in honor of the two months of the project, we will prepare an Action for you. And here we announce the action: in honor of 2 months of work, 2 days we give 2% for each Deposit.
The action involves all newly committed deposits.
Deposits made from the internal balance (reinvest) do not participate in the promotion. The promotion starts on 17 October 00: 01 and ends on 18 October 23: 59, London time. The bonus will be credited to the balance and then available for withdrawal or Deposit. The bonus will be credited on October 18 for the first day of the promotion and October 19 for the second day of the promotion.

Thank you for being with us.

15 October 2018

Guru of Finance disable AdvCash!

Today we are canceling the appointment and payment system AdvCash. We apologize if this creates any difficulties for you. If you enjoyed AdvCash, then you need to tie in the personal Cabinet other of the available payment systems and continue to use them.

9 October 2018

Guru of Finance has launched new programs!

Previously, we have already announced the launch of new programs and now they are available in private offices to all our current and future investors.
Choose your plan and get a stable profit.
Guru of Finance in honor of two months of stable operation and development will hold a campaign for its customers. We will announce the terms and rewards later. The campaign starts on October 13. Follow the news.
p.s. Look in the section dedicated to the Bounty

2 October 2018

Guru of Finance make a profit!

Guru of Finance nearly two months of stable work.
We have already announced that we plan to change the tariff plans, we have analyzed your deposits, your concerns, and your desire for profitability. Based on the above data, as well as the profitability obtained from trading, we announce new tariff plans.
Deposits with payment at the end of the Deposit period.
The Deposit is included in your profit at the expiration of the plan. 100% Deposit body, + % profit on Deposit.
110% AFTER 5 DAYS!
116% AFTER 7 DAYS!
125% AFTER 10 DAYS!
142% AFTER 14 DAYS!
142% AFTER 14 DAYS!
Deposits with daily accrual of profitability.
Return of the Deposit at the end of the Deposit term.
These investment programs will come into force on the night of 7 to 8 October.
The current investment plans will be valid without changes in accordance with the current conditions until the end of the period specified in these plans.
We are confident that these investment plans will allow you to get a stable profit and our Guru of Finance will continue its stable development.

26 September 2018

Technical works

Tonight from 25 to 26 September on our website was not available authorization server due to unscheduled technical work on the server. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
We additionally scheduled technical work on September 27 and 29 at night from 21:00 to 01:00 London time. The work is related to the need to increase the performance of the server.
These works are related to the need to include additions to the server protection and server software optimization. We apologize if this creates temporary difficulties for you.

23 September 2018

Guru of Finance we sum up the results of the first month of work

It was a busy month of fruitful work. During this month, three times tried to hack our system, the cryptocurrency market surprised and UPS and downs. Iranian cryptocurrency exchange, gave profit. Our robot exceeded even our expectations at Binance and Exmo, the rest showed a stable, predictable operation.
Summing up the results of the starting month, I would like to note a pleasant trend. Many of you, our dear customers, have already become permanent, and you continue to trust us by reinvesting your deposits. This allows us to work with greater confidence knowing that our work is really important to you. And in response, we will be pleased with the guaranteed profit.

What awaits us in the near future.
We analyze your deposits, amounts and plans that you choose to invest on this basis, we will soon remove the unclaimed investment plans and develop new ones. We are sure that this news will please many of you.

From Monday, September 24, we cancel the accrual of all referral bonuses from the second and subsequent investments. Thus, the accrual of referral bonuses will be made only for the amount of the first Deposit.
This decision is made on the basis of the analysis of the movement of deposits and is determined by the principle of creating the most stable operation of the company, to ensure a constant, guaranteed profitability for our customers.

Thank you for your trust.

17 September 2018

We are getting better

Guru of Finance - we become better only thanks to you-our customers!
We have prepared a bounty campaign for you and now you have the opportunity to take a personal part in the development and get a decent reward for your actions.
Full description of bounty company you will find in the new section on the website here

12 September 2018

Successful development

The Guru of Finance project continues to develop successfully, according to its road map. In order to become more open to our customers, we have made updates on the site. On the main page you can now see the statistics of the project online.
What did we do that for?
On resource you can find information about our project, but it does not reflect the actual financial situation. Therefore, after receiving several requests from our investors, we have opened online statistics for everyone in the public domain. Send us your feedback about our work, and we will try to make our service as convenient as possible for you to use.

10 September 2018

Updating of Personal Accounts and Site

The team of the Guru of Finance project finished the work on updating Personal accounts and the site. Now our customers have access to the functionality in two languages English and Russian. If we receive feedback from our customers to add other languages, we will definitely consider this possibility. The project continues its development and increasingly deserves the trust of investors. We will continue to make every effort to provide the most convenient service with the declared profitability.

7 September 2018


Administration Guru of Finance notifies that today will be working on updating the site and personal accounts in which will be added to the Russian version of the sites and personal account. Perhaps this may create temporary difficulties with entering the personal account and the site.
We apologize if you face these difficulties.

7 September 2018

Video review

Added video review on the project: see here

5 September 2018

Added Russian-speaking support

Project Guru of Finance hurries to share the good news. For numerous requests, we have added a Russian-speaking support service. We also announce that in the coming days there will be a website and personal account in Russian. We are attentive to feedback about our work, thanks to them we can improve our service becoming better for our customers.

27 August 2018

Project overview

Added review of the project on the resource: see here
The administration of Guru of Finance does not agree with this review, but we respect the independent opinion of the management of this resource. We are attentive to feedback about our work, thanks to them we can improve our service becoming better for our customers.

23 August 2018


The leadership Guru of Finance, for security reasons payments transfer payments from automatic to manual mode. After additional security measures and testing the system for peak loads, we will definitely return to automatic payments.

22 August 2018

Security update

The Guru of Finance project is updating the security system. We have successfully blocked attempts to hack the system which was aimed at gaining access to payment systems and blocking e-mails of the project. The Guru of Finance project will continue to closely monitor such attempts and improve the security system.

20 August 2018

Official start of the project

Project Guru of Finance announces the official start of the project. All existing investors have already appreciated the quality of service and continue to invest in the project.

15 August 2018

Added video

Added video overview of the project: see here

14 August 2018

Added video

Added video review to the project: see here

13 August 2018

Closed project start

The Guru of Finance project announces the closed start of the project. The purpose of closed pre-launch is pre-placement on independent monitoring, preparation of marketing materials and the main testing of the system for quality and without interruptions.