Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your questions can be found here.

Guru of Finance is an independent legal enttt and fullt operatonal on its own. The actiitt of our compant is aimed at the crtptocurrenct trading and proiiding iniestment seriices worldwide.
You have to be at least 18 years old to participate in our program.
We guarantee to you the protection and safety of your personal information. The website is protected from all DDoS attacks. Any transmitted data passes SSL-encryption.
In order to start investing with Guru of Finance you need to create your own account. The great thing is the signing up process is free. At first, you need to visit Home page. There you will find a button 'Registration' positioned at the top of the page. Once you click it, you get to see a registration form that you need to fill it up. Provide all the required information such as full name, username, email address, payment accounts and complete the registration process.
We never sell, disclose or in any other way dispose of your personal data for our benefit or without benefit.
Simply log into your account and all the stats will be shown for you 24/7.
For security reasons, the email address cannot be changed by users to change the password, log in to your account and contact customer support. Simply log into your account and all the stats will be shown for you 24/7.
Click forgot password link, type your username or e-mail and you'll receive your account information.
We ask you to always be aware of phishing e-mails. Please note that some scammers may represent themselves as the employees of Guru of Finance. We will never ask you for your username or password. Do not click on any of the suspicious links and immediately delete e-mails of such nature.
No. If we find that one member has more than one account or more than one account with the same IP, the entire funds will be frozen.
We provide several payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, BitCoin Cash.
It is very simple to make a deposit. You need to log into your personal account by entering your login and password and then click on 'Make a deposit'. Select the required electronic payment system (so-called EPS). Pay amount of minimal or maximal deposit that is stated in it in accordance with chosen investment plan. Follow the instructions of EPS and approve the payment finally. Wait for adding funds on your balance.
Deposits will be updated as fast as you deposit. If you did not see your deposit in your account email us your problem with batch number, we will add it to your account as soon as possible.
Yes, of course you can make as many deposits as you want.
Your withdrawal request will be processed from 1 to 24 hours.
The minimum withdrawal amount for Perfect Money, Payeer is only $1.00.
The minimum withdrawal amount for BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, BitCoin Cash is only$10. You receive funds less the commission of the network
You can withdraw funds from your available balance anytime you want and without any fee.
No, you can request a withdrawal to a payment processor that you have previously deposited from.
Yes, we definitely have a great Affiliate Program where we give you chances to earn more.
By inviting more people to our investment program or promoting our site through our banners or text ads, you earn more from your referral Deposit. As a partner, you instantly receive a bonus of only the first Deposit of the attracted client. The more customers you attract, the more they invest, the more you get. Read more here.
If you sign up without the referral link you will sign up under the company. In that case, you need to leave your account empty and open a new account with a new email address. Please note that we cannot add referrer to your account or change your referrer.
As soon as your referral receives funds to account you will receive your referral bonus to your account instantly.
We recommend but inviting other members is not the obligatory. You can attract referrals and generate more revenue or receive income only from your own funds.
    Our plans for our investors are:
    Deposits with payment at the end of the Deposit period.
    The Deposit is included in your profit at the expiration of the plan. 100% Deposit body, + % profit on Deposit.
  • 105% AFTER 5 DAYS!
  • 108,4% AFTER 7 DAYS!
  • 115% AFTER 10 DAYS!
  • 128% AFTER 14 DAYS!
  • 144% AFTER 20 DAYS!
    Deposits with daily accrual of profitability. Return of the Deposit at the end of the Deposit term.
  • 1,1% DAILY FOR 20 DAYS!
  • 1,2% DAILY FOR 30 DAYS!
  • 1,3% DAILY FOR 40 DAYS!
  • 1,6% DAILY FOR 50 DAYS!
  • 2% DAILY FOR 60 DAYS!
Yes! There is a high risk when investing in all high Yield investment programs (HYIP), but we will try our best to minimize the risks and losses. In case of any loss or closure of the project, we do not refund the money.