Bounty Guru of Finance

  1. Bounty campaign is scheduled for an unspecified number of participants. Each party independently decides on the participation and unconditionally accepts all the conditions declared Bounty campaign.
  2. Each participant must follow the standard installation procedure of registration the draft Guru of Finance  here.
  3. Bounty campaign is indefinite and may be terminated by the Administration at any time with a notice of suspension on the website under News not less than 12:00 am. After the publication of such notice, all of the new jobs will not be counted. Tasks that are executed at the time of publication will be counted and paid for according to the Bounty of the campaign.
  4. participants Bounty campaign fall into two categories:
    1. the parties have active deposit or previously had active deposits
    2. Parties that do not have active deposits and registered in the project for participation in Bounty campaign.
  5. Records of completed print jobs.
    The report is sent to e-mail admin@finguru. capital and must contain detailed information about the job. Evidence considered screenshots, links, videos. In the email you send, you must specify your e-mail and Nick in the project, in case of not matching the data with the data on the video, screenshots, forums, blogs, social. Networks, you must specify the data under which you performed tasks on the listed resources.
  6. Bounty campaign from Guru of Finance is not limited to the list of jobs that are published. Any party may propose the project of his job. The main criterion proposed by tasks is increase brand awareness, increase loyalty to the project lighting and popularization project, increase targeted traffic of customers.
  7. Jobs paid accpeted. Verification takes no more than 12:00 am. Payment is made on your account balance in the draft Guru of Finance and on at the discretion of the principal can be paid on deposit on proposed plans or withdrawn from a project to a payment system available in draft. Accrual on balance is produced for all participants is done once a day. Thus the maximum time from the moment of putting party job to check and accrual of funds to balance can be 48 hours.
  8. List of proposed to implement and cost jobs.
    1. Creating and maintaining social networks under the name Guru of Finance. Posting copyright posts at least 3 per day, increasing the number of participants, a selection of content, writing texts, organizing competitions daily –$10 per week plus income from the referral program. The group must have at least 500 members. The number of social networking is limited and therefore the number of participants admitted to the conduct of the activity is too limited. The choice of the party to perform this job makes on the basis of Administration sent applications. To increase the chance of choosing the party as Executive Director, send in the application of their past results
    2. Video testimonials. Review should contain positive and showing the actual situation in the draft. The video should be seen by a participant, you can add a video site and personal accounts of the participant. The video should be at least 5 minutes and under the video should be at least 100 views. Also welcome any creative not violates public order and laws.  Standard video with a review of the site and personal account with payments - $1. A good video review in which the author is present on the screen, there are arguments about the choice of the project, analysis of the project, appeals and other creative – $1-5.
    3. Creating and maintaining Instagram in different languages. A separate channel for each language. Posting posts at least 10 a day, writing hashtags aimed at cryptomatics and investing. Increase the number of subscribers. Creation of advertising campaigns (the advertising budget is coordinated with the Administration) - $20 per week, plus income for the referral program.
    4. Writing reviews on forums topics Guru of Finance.
      1. The reviews should be left on all of these topics:

        Reviews can be identical on all forums, but MUST be translated into the language in which the forum works. If you doubt the quality of the translation, you can specify: Example (translation from Spanish)
      2. Regular reviews of that draft, the post pays payment or deposit-$1 for all forums.
      3. Detailed post at least 100 words on any topic related to project-$2 for all forums.
    5. Comments on monitoring and blogs which posted the draft Guru of Finance.
      as well as on other sites that host the project complete list you can find on the site Guru of Finance.
      1. Regular reviews of that draft, the post pays payment or deposit- $0.1 per monitor.
      2. A detailed post at least 100 words on any topic related to the project- $0.2 per monitor.